Medication Administration

The St. Matthew Early Childhood Center will ONLY dispense medication upon proper written permission from a parent or authorized guardian. If your child will need medication while attending the center, please notify your child’s teacher and complete, sign, and date the Permission to Medicate form with the following information:

• Name of medication

• Physician’s name (if prescribed)

• Dosage

• Number of days to be dispensed

• Time(s) to be dispensed

• Method of administration (oral, topical, etc.)

Be sure that the teacher understands the directions and knows if the medication needs to be refrigerated. The Lead Teacher in your child’s room will be designated or will designate another staff to be responsible for giving medication to your child. Each time a medication is dispensed or applied to your child, the administering staff will document the date, time, and dosage on the authorization form. In addition, when medication is not given, the designated staff will indicate the reason on the form.

Over the Counter Medication:

It is a parent’s responsibility to consult with their doctor to determine which over-the-counter-medications are appropriate and the correct dosage.   Over the counter medication must be in its original container from the pharmacy or doctor’s office.  Written documentation from the doctor must accompany the over-the-counter medication to be given to the child if label clearly states a child should not be using said medication. The child’s first and last name must be written on the label. The label must be intact and legible. The medication must not exceed the manufacturer’s expiration date.

Prescription Medications:

Prescription medication must be in its original container from the pharmacy or doctor’s office. Your pharmacist will divide your prescription into a separate bottle for the center if you ask. The container must be clearly marked with the child’s name, date, name of medication, doctor’s name, and the frequency and amount to be given. The medication must not exceed the expiration date.

On-Going Medications:

Conditions or illnesses that require medication on an on-going or “as needed” basis must have a medication permission form filled out monthly for use at the center. Expiration dates for these “long term” medications will be observed. If a medication expires, a new prescription must be obtained before the child will receive the medication.