Guidance and Discipline

We believe that all people, adults and children, deserve love and respect. Our discipline policy is positive, consistent, and emphasizes the teaching of new skills to reduce and/or replace unwanted behavior through a variety of techniques including: preventative strategies, choices, redirection, and natural & logical consequences.

If a child is exhibiting unacceptable behavior the child will be asked to correct the behavior and/or be redirected to another activity, which will help the child to perform within acceptable guidelines. The child will be given a total of three changes to correct the behavior. On the third warning the child will be told that this is their final chance to change the unacceptable behavior. If after the third warning the child has not corrected the problem they will be given a time out or time away from the group to think.

Time out procedure: The child will speak with the staff member regarding why they are in time out and what they could have done to make better choices. The child will sit in a spot away from the other children for a total time of one minute for each year of age. During time out the child will be asked to think about what they did, why it was unacceptable, and what they should have done. At the end of their time out the child will again discuss with the teacher what the acceptable behavior would have been and what they should do next time.

If the staff is unable to resolve a continuing problem with a child, the parents will be contacted and possible solutions will be discussed.