Unrestricted Access

We are very proud of our program at St. Matthew and encourage all parents to visit our center at any time. By visiting during the day, you can get a better picture of what your child’s day is like. We never require prior notification and you are free to come and go as you wish. Each parent will be provided a white security card that will gain you access to your child’s classroom. If you are visiting during a time that you would not normally be picking up or dropping off, we ask that you check in with a member of administration in order to receive a visitor’s badge. During pick up and drop off, we request that all parents go directly to their child’s classroom.

Every classroom has a copy of each child’s pick-up authorization form as well as his/her Emergency Medical Consent form which lists all the people that are authorized to pick up the child. Staff members are required to acknowledge any adult that enters the room. Staff members are also required to check the forms for any adult that is not recognized by the staff member in the room that attempts to pick-up a child that is not their own. Those adults will also be asked for identification to cross-reference the information. If the person is authorized to pick up the child, the staff member will release the child to that adult. If the person is not authorized to pick up the child, a staff member will escort the adult out of the building.

Any individual who is not a member of administration, staff member, substitute, or registered volunteer, parent, guardian, or persons with custodial care shall NOT have unrestricted access to the children in care at St. Matthew Early Childhood Center.

All staff members, substitutes, and volunteers (including parents, guardians, and other relatives) MUST complete the following before being allowed to have unrestricted access to children (beyond visiting their own child) in our care: Federal Criminal Background Check, State of Iowa Criminal Background Check, and FBI Fingerprinting. A volunteer will NOT be able to volunteer until all three documents have been returned with a positive outcome.

All volunteers, including parents, guardians, persons with custodial care, and other relatives must speak with the St. Matthew ECC management prior to their desired date of volunteering in the child’s classroom. The members of administration will decide if a volunteer, parent, guardian, or other relative will need unrestricted access by determining the following:

1. Is the person counted in ratio of adults to children?

2. Is the person charged with care, supervision, and guidance of a child?

3. Does the person have access to a child alone?

If a parent would like to spend time solely with their child, ECC staff will not place this visitor in charge of any other children (i.e. staff will not ask this visitor to give care, supervise, be left alone with or give guidance to any other children). This parent will be asked to read and sign a statement detailing the limitations of their visitor work within the ECC classroom. Members of administration will clearly state that at all times an ECC staff member will be in proximity and supervision of the volunteer and all children, so that the staff member is able to intervene to give the children care and guidance.

All staff will refer parents and all other visitor/volunteers to the office where administration will give the parents and all other visitors/volunteers a copy of this policy, talk through the responsibilities expected, and determine their level of supervision during this visitor/volunteer activity.

Any person who has been convicted of a sex offense upon a minor who is required to register with the Iowa sex offender registry shall NOT be permitted on the property of St. Matthews without written permission of the center director, except for the time reasonably necessary to transport the offender’s own minor child or ward to and from the center.

Written permission shall include the following conditions under which the sex offender may be present, including:

• The precise location in the center where the sex offender may be present;

• The reason for the sex offender’s presence at the facility

• The duration of the sex offender’s presence

• Description of the supervision that the center staff will provide the sex offender to ensure that no child is alone with the sex offender.

Before giving written permission, the center director shall consult with the center licensing consultant. The written permission shall be signed and dated by the center director and the sex offender and kept on file for review by the center licensing consultant. The St. Matthew Early Childhood Center director is not OBLIGATED to provide written permission. This will be completed on a case by case basis.