Mandatory Reporting

The Iowa Code requires that every employee of a licensed child care or preschool facility who, in the course of employment, reasonably believes a child has suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental injury, child prostitution, denial of critical care, the presence of illegal drug in the child or the person responsible for the care of a child and in the presence of the child, or is in possession of a dangerous substance shall immediately report the suspected abuse directly to the Department of Human Services.

Any mandatory reporter who, in good faith, makes a report of child abuse or participates in the investigation of a child abuse has immunity from any liability, civil, or criminal. Records and/or information pertaining to the abuse may be released to the child abuse investigator without permission from the parents as required in other situations.

If a St. Matthew Early Childhood Center employee is accused of abuse or neglect of a child in the program, the accused person will be immediately removed from any possible contact with children, pending the resolution of the charges and the outcome of the investigation. Such action will not imply guilt or innocence.