St. Matthew Early Childhood Center’s Goals

1. To build a strong community

• by fostering and demonstrating to the students, staff, and families the reality of faith community

• by teaching and integrating religious truths and values in daily life

• by supporting families through partnerships

• by collaborating with employees to build family-friendly workplaces

2. To create an atmosphere of justice based on the principles of justice

• by making a conscious effort to be just in dealing with the uniqueness of others

• by strengthening justice through the total community awareness in areas of multi-cultural and non-sexist education

• by promoting courtesy among all members of the St. Matthew’s community

• by encouraging and establishing open communication and involvement among the staff, students, parents, and community

3. To provide quality education

• by meeting the needs of individual students using age- and developmentally appropriate materials

• by providing a positive atmosphere to play and learn

• by continually updating the materials that we use

• by developing an appreciation for the fine arts