Child and Adult Food Program

We strive to model healthy eating habits by providing nutritionally balanced meals and snacks. All food that is served to the children enrolled is served through the St. Matthew Catholic School cafeteria. All of the food served follows the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The goal of CACFP is to improve the diets of children by providing nutritious meals and to help children develop good eating habits that will last through the years. If sending a lunch from home with your child, please make sure their meal meets the CACFP guidelines which are the following: meat/meat alternative, fruit, vegetable, grain/bread, and milk. The lunch must be labeled with the child’s name, date, and have a cold pack if it contains perishable foods. We are not able to cook/reheat any food due to food safety regulations.

An example of a proper lunch would be a cold meat/cheese sandwich, fruit and/or vegetable, and milk. Lunchables and fast food are not acceptable due to the high fat and salt content. If your child is sent with a lunch that does not meet the guidelines, we will send home a reminder in the child’s lunch box and then we will supplement his/her lunch.

Menus: Menus will be posted in your child’s classroom and are available for individual copies at your request.

If your child requires a special diet and is unable to eat an item(s) on the menu, please discuss it with a member of administration. We will provide you with an Allergy/Dietary Restrictions form for you and your doctor to fill out. Special medical/health diets require written instructions from a doctor including substitutions. We are willing to work with you and your doctor to meet your child’s special dietary needs. Religious or personal preferences may be made if a parent provides written instructions. All food provided by parents must meet CACFP guidelines.

Breakfast & Lunch: The St. Matthew Early Childhood Center provides breakfast and lunch for our infants through preschool wrap around program. Breakfast is served at 8:30 am and lunch is typically served at 11:30.

When school is in session, school age children will receive breakfast and lunch through the school breakfast/lunch program. Meals will be purchased through their school accounts.

During no school days, early dismissals, and the summer program, the St. Matthew Early Childhood Center will provide breakfast and lunch for the school age children.

Snacks: The St. Matthew ECC provides afternoon snack each day for all children enrolled in the program. Snack is provided between 2:30 – 3:00pm.

On occasion, families and children will want to celebrate a special event with food. The St. Matthew Early Childhood Center welcomes these opportunities. If you chose to bring in something for the children please make sure that you are selecting an item from the approved snack list. Also, please notify your child’s teacher in advance to ensure that there is enough for everyone and if there are any food allergies in your child’s classroom. Any food that comes from home must be either whole fruits or commercially prepared packaged foods in factory-sealed containers.