The Pastoral Council is the consultative body of the parish that works in unity with the Pastor. The Council assists in identifying the pastoral needs of the parish and helps to plan and implement parish programs and service. Participants at the Pastoral Council meeting include the Pastor, Pastoral Associate, elected member of the parish as well as appointed members from the parish (parish members each serve a 3 year term). All parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings. Meeting are held the 4th Tuesday of every month, except December & July, at 6:30pm in the Rosary Room.
If you are interested in becoming one of the elected members of the Pastoral Council, please notify one of the Pastoral Council members, the Pastoral Associate or Pastor.

The following committees are extensions of the work of the Pastoral Council:


The primary responsibility of this committee is to assist the Pastor in planning, providing for, and supervising the financial affairs of the parish. This committee provides the necessary administrative and financial skills needed to sustain the mission and ongoing development of the parish community. The Pastor appoints the members of this committee. Parishioners who are knowledgeable or interested in administration and finance are ideal candidates for membership on the committee.

The focus of the Parish Life Committee is to promote a sense of belonging among all members of the parish. Their scopes of activities include all those parish events which foster community life in the parish. Members of this committee should be caring, accepting persons who can appreciate the diversity of people within the parish community.

This committee is responsible for making recommendations and assisting the Pastor with the liturgical and spiritual life of the parish. It is responsible for the daily, weekly and seasonal implementation of official guidelines for the celebration of liturgy, including the liturgical environment and music. The various ministries represented on this committee are Musicians, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Hospitality Ministers, Altar Servers and the ministers of the liturgical environment.

It is the purpose of this committee to promote and coordinate programs that will guarantee justice and charity in full measure to all God’s children in the worldwide community. This committee has the responsibility to enable members of the parish to respond to the social problems of today, giving special care to the poor, the lonely, the aged, the oppressed and minority groups.

A Christian steward is a person who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends to them in a responsible and accountable manner, shares them in justice and love with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord. Members of this committee assist with the promotion and education of Christian stewardship which all are called to live within the parish.

The Faith Formation Commission assists the Pastor in overseeing the various education programs and faith formation programs in the whole Parish.

If you are interested in assisting with any of these committees/ministries,
please call the Parish Office at 319-363-8269

Committee Chairs
Pastoral Council – Kelly Spencer: 450-5022 or
Finance Council – Sean Meloy: 210-2575 or
Parish Life Committee – Betty Mallie: 364-2572 or
Liturgy Committee – Helen Flynn: 363-0538 or
Faith Formation Commission – Kevin Duggan: 896-7720 or
Board of Education – Elizabeth Deegan: 329-4959 or
Social Justice Committee – Gina Walsh: 270-6222 or