Minister Procedures

Minister Procedures

Reminder for All Liturgical Ministers

Please arrive at the church at least 15 minutes before Mass and go to the Sacristy.  Sign your initials next to your name in the Ministers Sign-in Binder. There may be instruction given by the priest or deacon and we also want you to be present to participate in our prayer before Mass.

Please dress appropriately for your role & the occasion.  There is no need to rent a tux, but jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, etc., are too informal.

Keep an eye on the schedule, and get a substitute if you can’t be present at Mass when you are scheduled.

Liturgical Minister’s Training Information

Eucharistic Minister Procedures

Map of the Church for Eucharistic Ministers & where to stand throughout the Liturgy of the Eucharist

Lector #1 Procedures

Lector #2 Procedures

Altar Servers Procedures

Minister of Hospitality Procedures

Minister of Hospitality Schedule Preference