ECC Director Position Open

TITLE: Early Childhood Center (ECC) Director

The St. Matthew Parish Early Childhood Center Director will manage the operation of the St. Matthew Child Care Center and supervise the Jaguar Xtension Program. The St. Matthew Child Care Center currently enrolls approximately 100 students, ranging from infant through preschool and the Jaguar Xtension before/after school program and summer care program is for our JK-5th grade students of St. Matthew Elementary School, with a current enrollment of approximately 95 students. We are looking for a vibrant individual with the experience necessary and ability to carry out our mission and tradition in a faith filled Catholic environment.

The Director will be responsible for:
* Establishing and maintaining a balanced, approved operating budget
* Establishing and monitoring fee collection
* Projecting staffing needs
* Maintaining enrollment of children in the programs
* Recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and evaluating staff
* Serving as the director of record for DHS licensing
* Working with families and faculty to create a “best practices” and faith-filled environment
* Ensuring compliance with DHS licensing regulations
* Monitoring dietary requirements and safety standards
* Maintaining quality and developmentally appropriate curriculum

The St. Matthew Early Childhood Center is NAEYC approved.

Interested applicants need to complete online application (via or send letter of application, resume, and letters of recommendation, postmarked no later than September 13 to:
Amy Conlon, Principal
2244 1st Avenue NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

St. Matthew ECC Director Job Description

Open House 2019-2020

An open house for upcoming 2019-2020 junior kindergarten and kindergarten students and their parents is scheduled for Thursday, March 14th from 5:30-6:30 PM. This is a time for parents to get a roundup presentation and for students to visit their respective classroom.

Please come take a look! No need to RSVP, just show up on Thursday, March 14th at 5:30 PM.

No Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten Roundup

Due to the impending weather and school closure, we will NOT be holding tonight’s St. Matthew Elementary Roundup event. Please stay tuned for updates as we develop a plan that allows you the opportunity to get the materials and information in a timely fashion. Thank you for your patience and flexibility through our rescheduling of this event! I do not know about you, but I am ready for spring! We will be in touch soon!

Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten Roundup – Tuesday, February 5th at 7 PM

Please join us for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Roundup on Tuesday, February 5th at 7 PM. Meeting will begin in the gym followed by breakout sessions to learn more about St. Matthew and the Kindergarten program. The Junior Kindergarten presentation will follow at approximately 8 PM. Look forward to seeing you then! Please call or email with any questions; or 319-362-3021.

Junior Kindergarten

St. Matthew Elementary very excited to announce that they will be expanding its offerings with the addition of a new Junior Kindergarten program for the 2019-2020 school year. A few important notes for you:

* This will be an all day program running from 8:15AM – 3:05PM
* Class will be instructed by a licensed teacher
* Curriculum will be in alignment with the Iowa Core
* Day will include essential classes of art, music, library and physical education

2018 Calendar/Supply List/DressCode/Tuition

2018-2019 School Calendar

Knd – 1st Supply list 18-19

2nd-3rd Supply Lists 18-19

4th and 5th Supply Lists 18-19

St. Matthew Dress Code


St. Matthew School 2018 Tuition Scale

Student Tuition                                   $3,570.00

Out-of-Parish Tuition                          $5,245.00



What Does it Mean to be a Jaguar


“It means to tell the truth, be responsible, and to be a good citizen.” -Hailey B.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is helping friends and holding the door.” -Hayden J.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is to be a good citizen, be pawsitive, help people, stand up to bullies, be nice, be kind, always be listening, show the teachers that you are a good person, and pray.” -Sam L.

“What it means to be a Jaguar is following the rules, being a good citizen, and being a good listener.” -Mia D.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is to always tell the truth, be a good friend and citizen, listen to whoever is talking, be responsible, be Catholic, be kind, and be sharing.” -Lucy G.
“What it means to be a Jaguar to me is being kind, respectful, and being honest.” -Maylin T.
“To me Jaguar means I am a good friend, I am kind, I volunteer, I share, I am polite, and I help my family.” -Alison O

“What it means to be a Jaguar is following the rules, being a good citizen, and helping others.” -Vinny D.
“To me Jaguar means sticking up for people and listening, and helping others.” -Holly L.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is being a good citizen and to tell the truth.” -Oliver K.
“To me being a Jaguar is all about helping people no matter the color of their skin or whether they are disabled.  We also go and help people at Manor Care.  We don’t lie, cheat, or steal.  That is what a Jaguar means to me.” -Drew M.

“I think being a Jaguar means to be a good citizen and that we are fair.” -Kellen H.
“To me what it means to be a Jaguar is to help people, tell the truth, to always listen, to say good words, and to be kind to others.” -Megan L.
“A Jaguar is kind.  A Jaguar is not a liar.  A Jaguar is supposed to be responsible.  A Jaguar is fair and thoughtful.  A Jaguar is respectful to one another.” -Winifred
“What it means to be a Jaguar to me is believe in others and others will believe in you.” -Anna N.
“To be a Jaguar means to be hard working, kind, loving, and a good listener.” -Rory S.

Jaguars help other people, to be kind to each other, and include everyone.” -Samantha B.
“We go to St. Matthew School.  Our colors are red and gold.” -Lorali K.
“To have pride and be kind to others.”  To be caring and respectful to all.” -Mac D.
“It means to be kind to one another and help people around the world.  It means to teach one another and learn new things.” -Josie H.
“Being a Jaguar means to have citizenship and penmanship.  Being a Jaguar also means to work hard and have fun.” -Kate D.

“To be trustworthy, kind and respectful.  To go to church and to be Catholic.” -Ben B.
“To believe in God.  To be a son of God.” -Rylan F.
“You’re coming to school ready to learn and have lots of fun!” -Jolene S.
“To be a Jaguar it means that you should be nice to everyone even if they aren’t nice to you.  To be a Jaguar it means that you can be whoever you want to be.” -Aimele N.
“To be a Jaguar means being a good citizen, being fair, nice, caring, and treating people equally.” -Liam R.

“A Jaguar for me are people that help us learn about God and Jesus.” -Brian G.
“To be kind and respectful, to treat other people how you like to be treated.” -Eli
“To be a kind person and to be a nice person.  To be a helpful and a thoughtful person.” -Irelynn O.
“To be nice and friendly!  To be helpful and fun!” -Camryn C.

“To respect people that don’t respect you.” -Gabe L.
“To be a Jaguar is to stand up to bullies, helping others, and to be responsible.” -Theresa M.
“Being a Jaguar means that you have great friends and teachers at school.” -Emma R.
“It means to feel brave, friendly to everyone we know no matter what race.  It means to be helpful with things.” -Maizey F.

“It means to believe in God and come to church to learn about his life and what he did for us.” -AJ
“To me being a Jaguar is to be respectful, do your best, and never give up.” -Trinity M.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is to tell the truth, be kind, respectful and caring, be a good citizen, be responsible for what you say and do.  I talk and act to others like I would do to Jesus.” -Emily W.
“To me it means being respectful, and showing our love and kindness.” -James C.
From our Kindergarteners, it means:
“to help other people” – Keelan
“sharing” – Charlotte
“to be positive and use our manners” -Charlee
“good listeners” -Ivy
From our Kindergarteners…. 🙂
“to be helpful” -Liam
“being nice to people” – Colin
“to be friends” -Madeline
“sharing equipment outside” -Lila

“Jaguar” means…One big family showing our love and kindness through our words, thoughts and actions, being a helping hand and reaching out to others in need and lastly sharing the love of Jesus to everyone we meet.  Keep Spreading the Good News 24/7/365..We Are Jaguars Forever – Mr. Wolf

“It means to be HAPPY, to be nice, to make a lot of friends.  To be helpful.” -Emma F.

“I have kind friends.  I have nice teachers.” -Andrew R.

“It means to be good, nice, kind, smart and friendly.  It means to be a friend and thank Big Jaguar, Little Jaguar,Baby Jaguar.  We can all make the difference.” -Annabell D.

“It means you’re special.  It means you respect.  I like being a Jaguar.  I like going to church.  We have fun here.  Just like Rainbow Day.  We have gym or P.E.  I like my teachers.  I like recess.  Even though we make mistakes, it doesn’t matter.  It matters who you are.” -Katherine N.

That we have a Sock Hop.  I also like we get Rainbow Day.” -Riley P.

“It means to be kind and try your best.” -Sophia L.

“Being a Jaguar means helping others.” – Ruby M.
“Getting tons of friends and praying!” – Nate C.
“It means to be a good friend, to be a good student, to stand up to bullies.” -Gracie K.

“Being a good friend and helping people.  Praying.” –Caroline S.

I pray for others.  I help people in need.  Pray for people who was affected by Hurricane Harvey.” –Jacob O.

“We help one another.  Being a Jaguar is being nice to one another.” –Cael S.


“Praying for others and getting smarter.  Also learning about God.  GO JAGUARS!” –Lily M.

“Being Catholic.  Praying to God.  Going to church.  Being a good sport.  Being a good friend.” –Gavin I.

“We are obedient.  We are worthy. We are friends.” –Oliver W.


“Being a nice friend and helping others.” –Emmett L.

“Praying for others, listening to others.  Have fun!” – Lindzey J.

“We are strong!  We have a spirit!  We are love!” Meeting new friends!” –Abby D.


“Praying to God and being a nice friend.” -Jackson O.

“To pray to God. Being a good person and going to church.” –Nicholas L.

“Having fun!  Being helpful and being kind.” –Hollie P.


“It means representing the school.” – Samantha W.
“To be nice and be kind.  Include everybody if they want to play.” – Kiley K.
“To be a good student and to be a good sport.  We help people and pray to God.” – Sam E.
“You can learn a lot.” – Zoey T.
“Being friendly.” – Emiliano B.
“Being a Jaguar means a lot to me.  We help friends.” – Maddie M.
“To follow Jesus and God.  To be respectful of others.”  – Gavin M.
“Being a friend.”  – Elsie F.
“Having great things in school.”  – Chance C.
“We are Jaguars because we help people.  We pray for people.  We be fair at recess.” – Oliver P.
“Being nice to people.  Giving food to the poor.  Praying.” – Zizi M.
“Being kind.  Being respectful and praying.”  Eben R.




STO – School Tuition Organization 2018-2019

STO Tuition Assistance FAQs_1819

FACTS Parent Flyer-Tax Documentation

FACTS Parent Flyer-Tax Documentation_Spanish


Video Resources for Parents

There are two brief videos for parents.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future School Tuition Organization (STO) and St. Matthew School are pleased to once again provide tuition assistance to qualifying families. This program, supported by over 1000 donors, provides expanded opportunities to help qualifying families afford the Catholic School of their choice. Tuition assistance through the STO is available to Iowa residents whose 2017 taxable income is at or below 300% of the federally determined poverty rate. STO funds are only available for K-12th grade students.  Early childhood or preschool fees or tuition are not eligible.

The STO program will be utilizing FACTS Management in Lincoln, NE to assist in determining the level of assistance to be awarded. FACTS Management has an application that all families need to complete to be considered for assistance. Your personal information will be held in strictest confidence at all times. If you have a child at more than one Archdiocesan School, you will only need to complete one application form. If divorced parents each pay a portion of the tuition bill, then each household needs to complete an application for a possible award towards their portion of tuition. There is a $26.00 non-refundable processing fee for the online application payable to FACTS.

The FACTS application needs to be completed no later than March 29, 2018.  The application is available online at in both English and Spanish.  In addition to your completed application, you must include a copy of current wage and tax information.  See the attached “Grant & Aid Assessment” flyer from FACTS for specific requirements. Tax and wage documents can be scanned or faxed by March29th.  We urge you to complete the materials early to allow time for notification of any missing/incomplete materials.

To assist you in completing the application, the FACTS call center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am-9:00 pm at 1-866-441-4637. The FACTS online application also has a chat feature to assist parents available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

At St. Matthew School we are happy to assist you with the application process. If the processing fee is cost prohibitive for your family, please contact me.

St. Matthew School also has local funding to provide tuition assistance over and above the STO program thus providing supplementary tuition assistance. Our local assistance program is open to St. Matthew Parish members, not just those eligible for the STOTo qualify for local assistance families must first submit a FACTS application and then complete a request for local assistance. Please contact Mr. Wolf.   

Award notification letters will be mailed on or before May 11, 2018. A summary timeline with specific information concerning the application deadline is found below.

We strongly encourage interested parents to complete an application. The Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future STO coupled with our local tuition assistance program will be able to make Catholic Education affordable for all.

If you have questions about the assistance program, contact the school at 362-3021 or  Contact the FACTS call center at 1-866-441-4637 with specific questions about the application. This is a wonderful opportunity for qualifying families.


Mr. Wolf

Summary Timeline


January 1       Applications available on-line at

March 29        Completed applications must be submitted with all required tax materials scanned or faxed by this date. Applications with missing information cannot be processed.

May 11           Award notification letters sent to all families who applied.

June 1             Families receiving assistance send confirmation they are accepting/declining the assistance back to the school.


*Note applications that are incomplete on Marc 29th or new applications after that date will be considered for round #2.  Amounts of any available later awards can be considerably smaller.



STO Qualifying Levels


The new federal poverty rates are expected in late January and will be advertised as soon as they are available.  Last year an Iowa family of four with an adjusted gross income at or below $73,800 could qualify for assistance.



FACTS tuition assistance through the Diocese of Dubuque is available to all students.  St. Matthew School is a member of the Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future School Tuition Organization (STO).  The STO offers tuition assistance to families based upon their identified financial need and the amount of money available in the pro­gram, as determined by FACTS.  Those families whose income is at or below 300% of the federal poverty level qualify for assistance through this program.

PAST                    2007-2017       Received $818,293     Helped 684 Students

Present                2017-2018       Received $ 87,064      Helped 68 Students



Parish Ministry Booklet

Information on our parish ministry booklet.
Contact Kate Tyler with any questions.



Mardi Gras 2018 Info & Auction Booklet

2018 Mardi Gras Auction Booklet link

Join us on Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 6pm to Midnight for Mardi Gras! An evening filled with friends, food, drinks, fun, and fundraising all to support the St. Matthew Community
Silent Auction – Live Auction – Raffles and More!
Location: Elmcrest Country Club
Tickets: $60.00 per person. After February 5, $65.00
For more information and to purchase: