What Does it Mean to be a Jaguar


“It means to tell the truth, be responsible, and to be a good citizen.” -Hailey B.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is helping friends and holding the door.” -Hayden J.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is to be a good citizen, be pawsitive, help people, stand up to bullies, be nice, be kind, always be listening, show the teachers that you are a good person, and pray.” -Sam L.

“What it means to be a Jaguar is following the rules, being a good citizen, and being a good listener.” -Mia D.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is to always tell the truth, be a good friend and citizen, listen to whoever is talking, be responsible, be Catholic, be kind, and be sharing.” -Lucy G.
“What it means to be a Jaguar to me is being kind, respectful, and being honest.” -Maylin T.
“To me Jaguar means I am a good friend, I am kind, I volunteer, I share, I am polite, and I help my family.” -Alison O

“What it means to be a Jaguar is following the rules, being a good citizen, and helping others.” -Vinny D.
“To me Jaguar means sticking up for people and listening, and helping others.” -Holly L.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is being a good citizen and to tell the truth.” -Oliver K.
“To me being a Jaguar is all about helping people no matter the color of their skin or whether they are disabled.  We also go and help people at Manor Care.  We don’t lie, cheat, or steal.  That is what a Jaguar means to me.” -Drew M.

“I think being a Jaguar means to be a good citizen and that we are fair.” -Kellen H.
“To me what it means to be a Jaguar is to help people, tell the truth, to always listen, to say good words, and to be kind to others.” -Megan L.
“A Jaguar is kind.  A Jaguar is not a liar.  A Jaguar is supposed to be responsible.  A Jaguar is fair and thoughtful.  A Jaguar is respectful to one another.” -Winifred
“What it means to be a Jaguar to me is believe in others and others will believe in you.” -Anna N.
“To be a Jaguar means to be hard working, kind, loving, and a good listener.” -Rory S.

Jaguars help other people, to be kind to each other, and include everyone.” -Samantha B.
“We go to St. Matthew School.  Our colors are red and gold.” -Lorali K.
“To have pride and be kind to others.”  To be caring and respectful to all.” -Mac D.
“It means to be kind to one another and help people around the world.  It means to teach one another and learn new things.” -Josie H.
“Being a Jaguar means to have citizenship and penmanship.  Being a Jaguar also means to work hard and have fun.” -Kate D.

“To be trustworthy, kind and respectful.  To go to church and to be Catholic.” -Ben B.
“To believe in God.  To be a son of God.” -Rylan F.
“You’re coming to school ready to learn and have lots of fun!” -Jolene S.
“To be a Jaguar it means that you should be nice to everyone even if they aren’t nice to you.  To be a Jaguar it means that you can be whoever you want to be.” -Aimele N.
“To be a Jaguar means being a good citizen, being fair, nice, caring, and treating people equally.” -Liam R.

“A Jaguar for me are people that help us learn about God and Jesus.” -Brian G.
“To be kind and respectful, to treat other people how you like to be treated.” -Eli
“To be a kind person and to be a nice person.  To be a helpful and a thoughtful person.” -Irelynn O.
“To be nice and friendly!  To be helpful and fun!” -Camryn C.

“To respect people that don’t respect you.” -Gabe L.
“To be a Jaguar is to stand up to bullies, helping others, and to be responsible.” -Theresa M.
“Being a Jaguar means that you have great friends and teachers at school.” -Emma R.
“It means to feel brave, friendly to everyone we know no matter what race.  It means to be helpful with things.” -Maizey F.

“It means to believe in God and come to church to learn about his life and what he did for us.” -AJ
“To me being a Jaguar is to be respectful, do your best, and never give up.” -Trinity M.
“What it means to be a Jaguar is to tell the truth, be kind, respectful and caring, be a good citizen, be responsible for what you say and do.  I talk and act to others like I would do to Jesus.” -Emily W.
“To me it means being respectful, and showing our love and kindness.” -James C.
From our Kindergarteners, it means:
“to help other people” – Keelan
“sharing” – Charlotte
“to be positive and use our manners” -Charlee
“good listeners” -Ivy
From our Kindergarteners…. 🙂
“to be helpful” -Liam
“being nice to people” – Colin
“to be friends” -Madeline
“sharing equipment outside” -Lila

“Jaguar” means…One big family showing our love and kindness through our words, thoughts and actions, being a helping hand and reaching out to others in need and lastly sharing the love of Jesus to everyone we meet.  Keep Spreading the Good News 24/7/365..We Are Jaguars Forever – Mr. Wolf

“It means to be HAPPY, to be nice, to make a lot of friends.  To be helpful.” -Emma F.

“I have kind friends.  I have nice teachers.” -Andrew R.

“It means to be good, nice, kind, smart and friendly.  It means to be a friend and thank Big Jaguar, Little Jaguar,Baby Jaguar.  We can all make the difference.” -Annabell D.

“It means you’re special.  It means you respect.  I like being a Jaguar.  I like going to church.  We have fun here.  Just like Rainbow Day.  We have gym or P.E.  I like my teachers.  I like recess.  Even though we make mistakes, it doesn’t matter.  It matters who you are.” -Katherine N.

That we have a Sock Hop.  I also like we get Rainbow Day.” -Riley P.

“It means to be kind and try your best.” -Sophia L.

“Being a Jaguar means helping others.” – Ruby M.
“Getting tons of friends and praying!” – Nate C.
“It means to be a good friend, to be a good student, to stand up to bullies.” -Gracie K.

“Being a good friend and helping people.  Praying.” –Caroline S.

I pray for others.  I help people in need.  Pray for people who was affected by Hurricane Harvey.” –Jacob O.

“We help one another.  Being a Jaguar is being nice to one another.” –Cael S.


“Praying for others and getting smarter.  Also learning about God.  GO JAGUARS!” –Lily M.

“Being Catholic.  Praying to God.  Going to church.  Being a good sport.  Being a good friend.” –Gavin I.

“We are obedient.  We are worthy. We are friends.” –Oliver W.


“Being a nice friend and helping others.” –Emmett L.

“Praying for others, listening to others.  Have fun!” – Lindzey J.

“We are strong!  We have a spirit!  We are love!” Meeting new friends!” –Abby D.


“Praying to God and being a nice friend.” -Jackson O.

“To pray to God. Being a good person and going to church.” –Nicholas L.

“Having fun!  Being helpful and being kind.” –Hollie P.


“It means representing the school.” – Samantha W.
“To be nice and be kind.  Include everybody if they want to play.” – Kiley K.
“To be a good student and to be a good sport.  We help people and pray to God.” – Sam E.
“You can learn a lot.” – Zoey T.
“Being friendly.” – Emiliano B.
“Being a Jaguar means a lot to me.  We help friends.” – Maddie M.
“To follow Jesus and God.  To be respectful of others.”  – Gavin M.
“Being a friend.”  – Elsie F.
“Having great things in school.”  – Chance C.
“We are Jaguars because we help people.  We pray for people.  We be fair at recess.” – Oliver P.
“Being nice to people.  Giving food to the poor.  Praying.” – Zizi M.
“Being kind.  Being respectful and praying.”  Eben R.