Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Policy
Board Approval May 2015

St. Matthew School will facilitate and promote quality USDA Child Nutrition Programs targeting the education, health and well being of our school community.
The 6 targeted areas include:

  • Quality School Meals
  • Other Healthy Food Options
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Pleasant Eating Experiences
  • Nutrition Education
  • Marketing

Guidelines for Snacks during the School Day
The Reauthorization of the USDA Child Nutrition Programs by Congress in 2004 requires all schools to have a plan for addressing the health and wellness issue. Our plan is to promote a healthy lifestyle whereby more students:

  • Eat breakfast regularly
  • Try new foods
  • Read food labels to make the best nutritional choices
  • Be aware of proper serving sizes
  • Limit sweets
  • Drink more milk
  • Increase daily activity

Snacks served during the school day or in after-school care or enrichment programs will make a positive contribution to children’s diets and health, with an emphasis on serving fruits, vegetables and whole grains as the primary snack. St. Matthew School will assess if and when to offer snacks based on timing of meals, children’s nutritional needs, children’s ages and other considerations. In order to accomplish this, St. Matthew School will be following these guidelines.

Snacks brought to school should have (per serving):

  • No more than 7 grams of fat and contribute less than 30 % of its calories from fat.
  • 2 grams of saturated fat and contribute less than 10% of its calories from fat and 0 trans fats.
  • No more than 15 grams of added sugar and contribute less than 25% sugar by weight.
  • No more than 370 mg of sodium.
  • 100% Fruit juice

For additional information on the St. Matthew policy progress report, please click the link below: