Junior Kindergarten


Our mission is to build a strong academic and social foundation to ensure success in Kindergarten and beyond.


Our educational focus is on Literacy with letter recognition, letter sounds, letter formation, and understanding story elements and comprehension. In Math we focus on number recognition and formation, counting and cooperation. We become Scientists through exploration units on apples, our 5 senses, sink or float, polar power, water, and seasons. Social skills is also highlighted by learning to work cooperatively, listening skills, self-help skills, and being responsible students.


We pray together by attending School Mass and Prayer Services.  We also learn that God and Jesus love us and we practice this by treating others with kindness and respect.


We learn how to help our community and families in need by donating food and money to food pantries and for Christmas gifts.  We also collect and donate books for reading.


We participate in the “Essentials” by going to Gym class, Music class, and Library once a week. We also participate in Rainbow Day with our Rainbow teams.