First Grade

Teaching students in a way that fosters academic, emotional, and spiritual growth.


Our educational focus is on developing phonemic skills and a base sight word foundation to become independent, fluent readers.  We learn basic addition and subtraction facts, place value to the 100ths, data and graph interpretation, measurement, time, coins, and introduction to basic fractions.  In Social Studies we make connections with the world through our focus on the community, maps, time lines, and land formations.  We become scientists by making careful observations, investigation, and drawing conclusions.  In Health and Guidance we learn safety skills, empathy, healthy living and self-awareness.


We plan and participate in School Masses.  We learn the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and Grace before Meals prayers and study the sacrament of Baptism, the birth and life of Jesus.


In First Grade we learn about service by collecting baby items for the Young Parents’ Network.  We also do many service projects throughout the year within our Rainbow Teams.


In First Grade we utilize technology extensively in our learning.  We also participate in Reading Counts, Xtra Math, and we create videos!  Study trips within the community are also a highlight of First grade.