Music is the voice of the soul.


In Music our educational focus is tailored for the individual grades.  In Kindergarten through Second grade, we focus on songs, games, percussion instruments to practice pitch and rhythm.  We begin specialized instruments in higher grades with violins in 3rd grade and recorders in 4th grade, and all grades enjoy the keyboarding unit each spring.  Fifth graders work on music with more singing in parts and learn music theory.  Our culmination each semester is our performances:  Christmas musicals (K-2 and 3-5), and 4th & 5th grade Spring concert.  Third graders also enjoy an integrated curriculum for Titanic Day (promenade, songs, and dance), as well as preparing songs for Manor Care performances.  We use technology in the spring for all students with music games, and piano keyboards.


Our focus on Faith in Music class includes learning songs and their meaning for School Mass.


Our focus on Service in Music class includes sharing our gift of music with others by singing at Mass, Jubilation choir, and Pack the Balcony, as well as playing guitar for School Masses and with our family and friends in the community.


Students have the opportunity to participate in guitar lessons (3rd grade and higher),  5th grade Band, 5th grade Honor Choir, Jubilation Choir (2nd grade and higher), and Pack the Balcony (3rd grade and higher).