Pardon Our Mess…we are making Art


In Art, our educational focus is suited for each grade individually.  Kindergarten and First Grade learn how to use materials and practice using tools to make crafty projects.  Second and Third graders learn new mediums and make more art work than crafts, as well as learn about artists and how they made their art.  In 4th and 5th grades, students get more advanced with their projects, adding in even more materials and tools and learning about elements and principles of art.  Fourth and Fifth graders use this advanced knowledge to create more specialized art (recycled art, detail drawing, construction, and ceramics), as well as learning more about an artist and completing projects based on the artist’s work.


We work on the notion of being a good Catholic and treating others the way we want to be treated.  We only speak to each other and about our art work with positive, helpful words.  We want to respect ourselves, our tools, and our art work


We make cards and art work for special occasions and to brighten the spirits of those who need it most, including presenting our work as part of an art show at Mercy Medical Center.  Our art work is also on display in the hallways for visitors.